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Primo Incense - is Retiring Limited Inventory

Dear Primo Incense Family and Friends

After more than 50 years we our closing. Due to many factors we have made this difficult decision.

We will offer the remaining inventory till gone. Please note we are very low or out of many fragrances. Sorry to say Sandalwood, Frankincense and Nag Champa are sold out.

Some good news
We have a USA incense company we recommend. They have purchased from the same family in India for many years. We are confident Sandy, Jonas and Jesse will take exceptional care of you.
Prasad Gifts
502 South 4th Street
Fairfield, Iowa 52556

info@prasadgifts .com
641-472 4332

Please know how much we appreciate each and everyone of you for your support and friendship.

Thank you and Namaste

Andy, Sari, Selma and Mia


...thanx for all the little freebies

Alicia of New Jersey writes:
I am so happy to recieve your email of the specials. Thanks so much for the great buy 2 get one sale in addition to your terrific product. also, thanx for all the little... Read More  

...the nasal orgasmic splendor of your product...

Don writes: 'Since 1970 when I first experienced the nasal orgasmic splendor of your product, Primo has been a staple, a way of life for me. Each morning I wake up to a cup of green tea and a stick o... Read More  

22 Years Later, Primo Quality Still Endures!

David writes:
In 1983, I went to a shop and bought a triangular tube of Mallica Incense by Primo. I fell in love with the aroma and never could find another incense that could match it. 22 years la... Read More  

I adore the sandalwood...

Cathy from Minnesota writes:
"I adore the sandalwood, and love the quality of your products."  

I can still smell the fragrance

Helen from Georgia writes:
I love your incense. I have in my hand a gift and sampler pack I bought 5 years ago and I can still smell the fragrance.  

I look forward to my goodie box...

Amy writes;
Thanks...i canít wait...i borrowed some of your patchouli incense from a friend and I love it!! I look forward to my goodie box... :)

I love primo incense...

Rob from Hawaii writes:
"I love primo incense and have used it for years."  

I will NEVER buy store crap again!

Lynette writes;
Thank you so much!! I have been using YUCKY store incense for so long now.... and now I get the GOOD stuff and will NEVER buy store crap again!!!!!! LOVE PRIMO!!!"